Okay, I’ll admit it.  The weird title and hand-drawn cover art caught my eye first.  Then, when I flipped the book over to read the blurb, I discovered that the author had drawn the cover himself!  What a dork!  There he was – his photo looking something like a cross between Carlise Cullens and Napolean Dynamite.

This has to be good, right? A story about two high school nerds written by one.

It starts out as a great 226-page story about two high school boys (Eric & Darren) who become friends.  It evolves into a spy story on page 160, after Darren reveals Eric’s big secret – that he never sleeps!  OMG! I did say that the author looks like Dr. Cullen, right?

A mysterious man shows up at Eric’s house, telling his parents that he wants to enroll Eric in a special school.  He warns Eric that people who know the secret will be coming after him.  Darren and Eric both know that “The guy who says there are people after you, is probably the person in charge of the people after you.”  So they run.

The ending is a little quirky and left a few things hanging, but it may be that this was intentionally done in order to leave a starting point for a sequel.  It seems like all YA books are part of a series.  There are very few stand-alone novels anymore.

I really liked this story.  The interaction between the boys is realistic and the descriptions of high school life ring true.


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