Let’s take a look at a few books about ….REVENGE.

The Poison Apples by Lily Archer


Alice, Reena, and Molly have been sent or decided to go to a New England boarding school away from their new step-mothers.  The girls form the Poison Apples club and creates a plan to get revenge on the stepmothers.

My verdict:

The beginning of the book was pretty depressing and had me thinking “YEAH GET REVENGE” but it also caused me to ask the question, why didn’t the girls want to take revenge out on their father’s too? They sat around and did NOTHING!  Not a bad book but…ok.

Duckling Ugly by Neal Shusterman

duckling ugly

Cara DeFido, is very unattractive (nice way to put it).  She cannot look at mirrors…They break, if she looks at a camera…it breaks, if she looks at her reflection in water it “goes cloudy in a second.”  Imagine how cruel her life is!   Cara is drawn to a special place with people who accept her and gives her the opportunity to change her appearance.  But Cara has a need to inflict some vengeance on people in her hometown.

My verdict:

I liked the overall story of the book.  I felt sorry for Cara and I wanted to scream at her for some of her decisions.  (Characters in books never listen to my advice, oh well.)  The end was a bit depressing and left me imagining what the rest of her life may be like.

Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

mr. griffin

Mr. Griffin’s students don’t like him.  He won’t accept late work, seniors are fearing for their GPA, and five of them have had enough!!  They want REVENGE and have a plan.  Kidnap Mr. Griffin and teach him a lesson, unfortunately, the plan goes bad very quickly.

My verdict:

The story is told from the points of view of each of the main and a few secondary characters.  I enjoyed seeing the different points of views of the story as it unfolded and how one thoughtless act affected everyone AND their families (consequences of actions have effects).

My Winner of the Revenge battle is : Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

but what would you read? 

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