Unfed by Kristy McKay


When I was a kid, first learning to read, I had a horrible habit of skipping ahead to find out what would happen next. It happened when I got too excited about the story and I just couldn’t wait for the story to unfold. It has been a long long time since a book was so exciting that I caught myself skipping ahead a few words, or sentences or paragraphs. Of course, old habits die hard and Unfed gave me an opportunity to relive that excitement about a book. To experience a ravenous hunger for more that can’t be sated at the speed I normally read. I’m a deliberate reader (I’m slow!!) Unfed is fast and deadly, full of walking corpses, dangerous corporations and complicated relationships. Undead is one of my go-to books when I am looking for a zombie book for teens, it is such a fun, satisfying read and Unfed is a worthy successor. I devoured the book in a single day and now I’m craving the next installment.

Bring it on Kristy McKay, bring it on.

UnDead vs. Zom-B

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