I love the idea that the main characters of Brigid Kemmerer’s Elemental series are five guys, and let me say very hot guys. In the second book, Spark, our lead character Gabriel Merrick plays with fire, no seriously he can make fire bend to his will. Interesting. Gabriel and the four other guys in this series are called pure elementals they can control the elements, Wind, Earth, Fire and Water, with one who can control more than that ( read Storm). Pure elementals have such strong powers they can destroy the earth, and there are people who want to destroy the pure elementals. Gabriel and the others must fight to keep their secret and stay alive. Things get a little tricky for Gabriel when nerdy, Layne and her turtlenecks get under his skin. She is unimpressed with Gabriel, even though he saved her mentally challenged brother from serious beat downs many times. Layne has secrets and Gabriel wants to know what they are. Isn’t that the thing to do, when such a girl occupies your mind constantly. Then things get even worse for Gabriel when mysterious fires pop up all over town, and now he is the suspect or is he? Well at least that is what the others want to know.

Spark is awesome! It has enough action, snappy dialouge and of course hot guys to keep me in heaven. I say this is a win.

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