Battle Royale: Exactly 10 beavers, 9 fairies, 8 dreams, 7 knights, 6 princesses, 5 dogs, 4 otters, 3 old men, 2 robots, 1 traveling shoe & everything else it takes to make a great children’s story book (more or less) by Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School

It’s a long and unusal title, but how could you NOT like a book with 54 fairy tales written by high school students?  With titles like “Xinderella” , ” Sir Finkel and Chipotle” and “Daisy the Shopping Squirrel” you are bound to find one that you just love! The pictures are great too. This book was the result of a school project started by teachers that I believe should be copied by teachers everywhere.  As an added bonus, this book also contains little end notes about the authors.  Most people never know what creativity is inside their head until they find a way to let it out. Maybe we should all write a fairy tale?

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