Three Halloween books loaded with ideas and crafts for the haunting season! Which will you chose?

Extreme Halloween by Tom Nardone

Extreme Halloween is just what the title suggests, extreme!! Tom Nardone’s main goal is to make Halloween scary again. He has crazy ideas for decorations, costumes, jokes and food that accomplish the goal. His roasted human being and banana pudding blob are just horrible! Check out his website if you can’t get the book.


Halloween Fun and Food by Sara Lewis

Halloween Fun and Food focuses on décor and food for a fun party night. The recipes sound delicious! Sara Lewis includes some costume and make-up tips. Her best ideas in this category are the beautiful masks she has created.


or Halloween imaginative holiday ideas by Marie-Laure Mantox & Frederique Crestin-Billet

Halloween imaginative holiday ideas is loaded with pictures and directions for creating many traditional decorations, costumes and food. The instructions for make-up are good and I can sure use them. The recipes all look tasty & scary!



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