Round 1:

“Dead is the new black”

Daisy Giordano is a normal 16 year old, which makes her the “odd” person in her household.  Her mom is a psychic, sister Poppy uses telekinesis, and older sister Rose is telepathic. (Talk about feeling left out).  Daisy’s mom is working with the police in their town of Nightshade, California to find out who is attacking young girls and leaving them unconscious.  Daisy believes she knows who is doing the attacking; head cheerleader, Samantha Devereaux.  She has a new look this year; black clothes, her skin has that dead pale look, and a mini coffin as a rolling book bag.  (This is part of the “Dead is …” series)

Round 2:

“Circus of the Darned” circus

Francesca or Fran is spending 6 months with her mom in Europe, as part of a traveling circus/faire.  Fran’s job as the fortune-teller allows her to use her “gift” of knowing what people are feeling and thinking by touching them.  The mystery she has to solve is who stole her pet horse, but in addition to a few other issues she has to deal with.  One being how to get rid of the group of Vikings she has mistakenly raised from the dead who follow her causing havoc at the circus and her life.


“Dead is the new black”! 

Daisy handled her situations in a realistic way.  I took an interest in the storyline and tried to solve the mystery along with Daisy.   “Circus of the Darned” was more of a fluff book for me.  It is light and humorous but I didn’t care about the characters.  The mystery plot took a back seat to the situations Fran had to deal with.

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