Glow vs. A Void of Good Teen Sci-Fi Novels



Today I’ve only brought one book to the Teen Book Battle: Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan.  I read it over a year ago, but it stayed with me so much so that when I started writing today I just couldn’t write about anything else. So, I thought I’d follow my instincts and write about Glow.

Many visions of the future involve humans taking to space to survive after Earth’s resources are depleted sort of like Wall-E, or taken over by a hostile invading force like Battlestar Galactica. These visions share a common concept: humanity on the edge of extinction fighting to survive on a comparatively tiny space ship in a great big universe.

Glow is the story of a girl named Waverly. As the second child to be born in space, she is kind of special, but not quite as highly regarded as her boyfriend and future captain of the ship Kieran. Kieran is the golden child, he is the symbol of the future, and everyone likes Kieran- he’d be the perfect husband. Kieran and Waverly have grown up together on the Empyrean a huge ship with gardens and offices and apartments, they’ve run the halls together, worked together and played together but when fate rips them apart, they have to learn how strong they can be independently.

Glow is the first of the series, and I’m hoping it will spark a wave of really good teen sci-fi publications, because as of this moment I haven’t read anything comparable. It is sublimely without rival and I therefore declare Glow the winner of this Teen Book Battle.