I want to read a book that gives me nightmares and then I want to tell you all about it. I want something that will leave me jumping at shadows for a month and hopefully questioning my sanity. Sleep is over rated, bring on the terror!!

In keeping with my objective to scare myself silly, I grabbed the book Ruined by Paula Morris. It was listed in the “horror” section on several lists and it has a pretty dress on the cover. I curled up prepared for my descent into spine-tingling madness and despair…


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a single goose bump, but it was still a pretty good story: A girl moves from New York to New Orleans and discovers a curse and a ghost and a conspiracy in a school of privileged and toxic young beauties. The book is as terrifying and nightmare inspiring as Twilight and I’m not the first to compare the two with that in mind, you can decide if this is the book for you.

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