Teen Book Battles: The Way We Fall vs. Fever 1793

Some people believe the dinosaurs were taken out by insects. It is hard to imagine something so small driving something so big to extinction. Or rather, it would be hard to imagine without books like The Way We Fall and Fever 1793 showcasing the mortality of mankind. In each book a pandemic comes along and it kind of feels like the end of the world plays out page by page.

the way we fallFever 1793

Matilda is 14 years old when her story begins. Life in 1793 is pretty much like life today. Mattie’s mother is driving her crazy she is so caught up in the past that she doesn’t really seem to understand who Mattie is at all!! Mattie gets a chance to grow into her own when the Yellow Fever hits Philadelphia turning her whole world upside down and leaving death and destruction in its wake.

Kaelyn is a 16 year old when her story begins. She is living in a world of iPods and cell phones with all of the latest technology at her finger tips. She knows what she wants and her parents mostly support her decisions and ambitions. Kaelyn has to grow up fast when a mystery illness starts taking down people on her remote island.

Both of these books kept me reading. If you like historic fiction or want to give it a chance Laurie Halse Anderson is kind of a genius and she definitely keeps that plot moving!! If you exclusively read books in a modern setting The Way We Fall has a lot to offer and Megan Crewe is definitely holding her own on my apocalyptic/dystopian bookshelf!! Since I have to choose one, I’m going to go with Fever 1793 because it feels so real and the whole story is told in one book and sometimes you just want a standalone book.