Amanda Sun’s debut book Ink, is an absolutely great read. Katie Greene has lost her mother, and has moved in with her aunt in Japan. Although, Katie would rather go to an international school she ends up at Suntaba, an exclusive Japanese-speaking school. Guess what- Katie can’t speak a lick of Japanese. All Katie wants is to live with her grandparents in Canada, until she overhears the mysterious Yuu Tomohiro’s cruel breakup with his girlfriend. Everything about Tomohiro screams dangerous, Katie can’t resist the magnetic current or his drawings that actually come to life. Do they? Really.
Tomohiro just wants the blond-haired girl to leave him alone. It is better that way, but she is everywhere. If he had to admit it, he liked her too. However the ink craves her and it is becoming harder to control. Tomohiro will do anything to protect Katie from the forces that will destroy her, including him. Ink invades all your senses of the Japanese culture. I absolutely can’t wait for the next book in the series of the Paper Gods.

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