Call me crazy, but I love a good apocalypse. Today’s book battle is all about the end of the world. We have Life as We Knew It vs. Ashfall.

life as we knew it  Ashfall


Life As We Knew It is the story of the end of the world told by Miranda through a series of diary entries. She documents everything starting with her feeble petty concerns and then covering all the violence and deprivation that sweeps through her small town.

Ashfall is the story of the end of the world told by Alex as the action unfolds real-time. He shares his thoughts and feelings and fears as the reader watches him change and mature against a backdrop of violence and deprivation that sweeps half the country.

Both stories focus on natural disasters. In Life… Miranda’s world comes crashing down when a space rock hits the moon and pushes it dangerously close to earth setting off a series of tsunamis, electrical storms, and volcanoes. In Ashfall the super volcano at Yellow Stone sets off a volcanic winter and sends monumental piles of ash down to clog the lungs of survivors.

I’m pretty sure both stories take liberties with the science of disaster, but I am drawn to the more broad but brutal reality of Ashfall.

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