Howl's Moving Castle

Get ready for a Read and Reel RUMBBLLLLLLLLLE!!

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Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones


Howl’s Moving Castle by Studio Ghibli



Once upon a time there was a very serious young woman named Sophie Hatter who lived and worked in a hat shop run by her parent(s). Outside of Sophie’s small village is a moving castle known to be the home of a dangerous heart-eating wizard named Howl. After a curse is put upon poor Sophie, she ends up taking to the streets and falling into a world of witches, demons, magical doors and adventures that lead her to Howl.

The book: The characters are very well developed in the book. Howl is a selfish, narcissistic, dirty, cowardly wizard with a few chaotically kind aspects thrown in. He’s my latest book crush because I can’t resist his quirky, awful, wizardly ways.  Sophie is the plain, responsible, hard working, dutiful young woman with simple tastes and pleasures and more determination than sense most of the time.


The movie: Anything that comes from Miyazaki is beautiful and Howl’s Moving Castle is a visual feast for the eyes. The voice acting is good. (Although, it is funny that Howl sounds like Batman since Christian Bale did both voices.) The characters weren’t quite as awful in the movie as they were in the book but the biggest problem is that the plot was trimmed to the point that we lost an entire world!!

The winner: While I love Studio Ghibli and will definitely hold on to the movie, I much prefer the book.