Every three months (at the end of each season), a group of nature and wildlife photographers get together at the Chesapeake Central Library where I work to share photos they have taken during the previous three-month period. We enjoy celebrating each season, since the natural landscape and the wildlife are so specific and relatable to each season. We emphasize the nature that we find here in the Tidewater area, but anyone can share any photos they like from anywhere.

Each photog brings up to 20 photos on a CD or a USB device like a flash drive, and we project those photos from a laptop onto the big movie screen in the library’s meeting room. Everyone admires and discusses them and we all have fun and learn a thing or two about our local wildlife. Age and level of expertise have no bearing on our photo sharing and fellowship; anyone is welcome to join us and share in the fun, whether they want to show photos or just watch. (We do, however, ask that no children under 12 years of age attend unless accompanied by their parent). We usually have a group of 10-15 people.

So, this is an invitation to anyone who would like to join us at our next get-together on Monday, July 29 starting at 6:00 p.m. We meet at the Chesapeake Central Library at 298 Cedar Road. If you’d like to show some photos, bring up to 20, and a few more if you like, in the event that we have extra time. Please give me a call if you have any questions or would like more information; the number is 757-410-7147. Ask for Karen.

The photo at the top of this entry is an outstanding capture of a Pileated Woodpecker that Tim Fearington showed at our last meeting in April.   What follows are some of the photos that other participants showed at the same meeting. Please enjoy!

 A beautiful Chesapeake sunrise photographed by Bill Niven.
 Chris Williams found this adult Bald Eagle at the Chesapeake Locks Park. Good luck and talent combine for a great photo op!
Nora Leonard took this stunning photo of a doe.
Green Herons like to skulk about in the shadows, but Tim Fearington captured this one 
out in the open.


 Canada Goose and its perfect reflection at Chesapeake’s Locks Park, 
photographed by Chris Williams.
SO pretty. Yellow Iris by Bill Niven.
Spring blossoms (cherry?) photographed beautifully by Nora Leonard.
Tim Fearington found and photographed this Red-Headed Woodpecker at the 
Norfolk Botanical Gardens.
 Another beautiful photo taken at Chesapeake Locks Park by Chris Williams.
 Bill Niven has a new super-zoom camera and was able to get this great shot of 
an Osprey on its nest from a long distance.

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