by S.A. Bodeen
by S.A. Bodeen

Even though I was disappointed by S.A. Bodeen’s other book, The Compound , I decided to give The Gardener a try because the issues it was supposed to address (bio-engineering, global warming and the food crisis) are subjects of interest to me.

The thought of humans scientifically designed to be self-sustaining (needing no water or food) was a clever SciFi premise.  Wouldn’t it be great if it WERE possible? It would certainly solve our hunger problems.  (Yet, I think I would still want chocolate!)

Ms. Bodeen started her story out fine – even though we can see early on where it is going. She seems, however, to have a problem fleshing out her characters.  Our relationship with them is so shallow that we remain aware that we are just reading a story – not seeing a slice of someone else’s life, as we feel with a well-written tale.

Some people may think that a book written for teens would necessarily be lighter and skim the surface of issues, but I don’t accept that this is typical of YA books. A good book engages the reader in the life of the characters – no matter the age group it is written for.

I feel the serious topics this book takes on, deserved more depth than this book was able to deliver.



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One thought on “Books by Genre: SciFi Advisory/The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen

  1. This book on CD was a really quick listen for me. I liked it a lot even though it didn’t go into the social issues as much as it could have. It may be enough to get some readers thinking about our future.

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