The Garden of Earthly Delights

From June 19, 2013


When I was young, we lived in Texas next door to my Mammaw. She had a pasture behind her house with cows and a chicken coop in her back yard. On the other side of us was our neighbors big “truck garden”. They raised vegetables to sell. My sister and I played with the little boy who lived there and we would cut through the rows of tall corn going back and forth between our houses. It was a wonderful, comforting childhood.

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Friends vs Frenemies Book Battle!!!

Creeping with the Enemy by Kimberly Reid
Get Ready For War Hollywood High by Ni-Ni Simone and Amir Abrams

Creeping with the Enemy:
Chanti goes to Langdon Preparatory School, on a scholarship, just great. Can you spell social piranha? Chanti has managed to find a friend in the midst of the rich and famous, Bethanie. However Bethanie is not all what she seems, she has a dark secret. Bethanie’s lies and her sudden brush off has Chanti believing perhaps Bethanie isn’t a friend but just maybe a frenemy.

Get Ready For War Hollywood High:
Meet London Phillips, a true socialite of Hollywood High. That is the way it is, it should be and always will be. Well until scandal breaks out, and her friends Rich, Heather and Spencer leave her to fight to keep her throne at Hollywood High. When there is a crisis who needs friends that leave you hanging.

Bottom Line: Okay, Creeping with the Enemy isn’t just about being dissed by a friend, but is a true mystery. However, if you are into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Step into the world of London Phillips.

Little Brother By Cory Doctorow


Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Check it out!   A great techno-thriller for hackers and non-hackers alike!

Excerpt – Chapter 1:

” I’m a senior at Cesar Chavez, High in San Francisco’s sunny Mission district, and that makes me one of the most surveilled people in the world. My name is Marcus Yallow, but back when this story starts, I was going by w1n5t0n. Pronounced “Winston.”

Not pronounced “Double-you-one-enn-five-tee-zero-enn”— unless you’re a clueless disciplinary officer who’s far enough behind the curve that you still call the Internet “the information superhighway.”