A Book in Your Hand or iPad – Cruisin' by Sarah Mlynowski

I was browsing through the Chesapeake Library’s Overdrive downloadable collection and saw Cruisin’. It has a great cover photo of blue water and a girl in a pink bikini. Well, I’m going on my first cruise this year and thought it must be my destiny to check out this book. Maybe I’ll get some tips for my trip!


I checked out the book and downloaded in just a few minutes. It was a great story and I finished it in two nights. It also included an excerpt from Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have) by the same author. Can’t wait to check that out!

Reading on my iPad was more fun than I expected. Plus, I can return my book and get another without leaving home.

About the book, I hope the passengers on this cruise are NOT on my ship!

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