Eva by Peter Dickerson vs Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson

EvaEva is 13 years old and in a coma due to a horrific accident.  She wakes up not knowing what happened and her parents try to keep it from her.

Adoration of Jenna Fox:  Jenna, at the age of 17, has been in a coma for over a year after being involved in a terrible accident.  She awakens but her memory is blank.  Her parents avoid telling her what happened after the accident.

Eva’s parents have to make a decision that no parent should have to make.  Her body was destroyed in a traffic

accident; the only functional part left undamaged was her brain.  Eva’s father, Director of Primate Zoology in charge of research, and other scientists transplanted Eva’s brain into the body of a chimp.

Jenna awakens from her coma and her parents try to help her regain her memory by showing videos of her childhood.  Jenna slowly regains her memory but as it returns she has more questions.  She finds out her body was injured beyond saving and only ten percent of her brain was all that doctors could save.

Both novels make you feel what the main character is going through.  You find yourself questioning the quality of life and what it truly means. You question what really makes us human and how far can medical technology advance.  Which book did I like best? It’s a tie, I would recommend both books.