Win, Lose or Draw: Period 8 by Chris Crutcher

period 8

Chris Cructher is one of my favorite authors for guys.  So when this new release came across my desk, I grabbed it up to read. Usually I would tell you about the book before I give my opinion of it, but not this time. This book was a win. Let me tell you how much of a win.  I had about 50 pages left and it was in my locker at work to finish on my lunch break. My son got sick and I had to go pick him up.  The book was in my locker.  With 50 pages  left.  So, I did what I had to- I paid $11 to download it to iBooks so that I could finish it!  And it was worth it.

So, this book is about Paul Baum- better known as Paulie Bomb, all around good guy and incredible athelete.  Period 8 is a bunch of kids who get together during their lunch period with their teacher, Logs, and have conversation with each other- bare bones, no holds barred conversations.  When one of the crew turns up missing and then shows back up a few days later, each member of the group reveals a little bit about what happened during her disappearance. A sinister plot is revealed and Paul finds himself running for his life.

As I already said, this book is a no questions asked win. It  has lots of twists and turns and, even though I figured out a major thing half way through the book, there were still so many pices of the puzzle missing that I was happy to pay that $11 to be able to read the last 50 pages.