When I first saw this book I expected an origin story for some new superpower wielding teen saving the universe just like every other super hero on the planet.

Blaze completely took my by surprise. She’s completely adorkable and I don’t throw that term around lightly. She’s a geeky squeaky-clean good girl with a passion for comics and a razor sharp wit. She’s not just a fan of comics, she’s an artist!! Her adoration of comics is rivaled only by her adoration of her brother’s teenage soccer coach. He’s the hottest thing on the field any time of year and she’s been watching from the sidelines waiting for her him to notice her awesomeness. What starts as a classic geek-gets-the-guy tale turns into something so much more as Blaze faces the harsh realities of small-minded small-town infamy.

I don’t usually read realistic fiction and when I do I don’t have a strong reaction to it, but I really love the characters in this story. This book is a big WIN for me!

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