Teen Book Battles


   Easy by Tammara Webber Versus Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles 

There  is nothing like a good book about a good girl crushing on a bad boy.  Well both Easy and Rules of Attraction have a lot of, “I just want to knock him in the head and bring him to his senses”, in them. 

Easy invites you into the lives of Lucas and Jaqueline.  Lucas is a tortured soul with dark secrets that secretly watches sweet, trusting Jaqueline.  Jaqueline follows her high school boyfriend to college passing up all the opportunities for her music career.  I know, stupid right?  Easy is definitely for the more mature young adult as it deals with situations of date rape and the lives of some of its victims. 

Rules of Attraction invites you into the lives of Carlos and Kiara.  Carlos is a young Mexican, with gang influences in his life, an attitude of “I could care less about anything!” that has been forced to move to Colorado to live with his older brother to finish high school.  Kiara is your perfect young lady, never been kissed, never broken a rule, and never had any excitement.  This couple is the perfect match and plain old simple chemistry takes over and defies all social influences.

Both books had me talking to myself, slinging the book around a few times, crying, laughing, and just wanting to jump in and set some characters straight but my favorite hands down was Easy, simply because it took me on an emotional roller coaster right at the beginning and didn’t let me off the ride till the end.  I truly felt like I was walking on a college campus for a few hours and isn’t that what a great book should do?  All in all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is how you feel at the end, fist pump in the air!


P.S.  Tammara Webber gives you an awesome chapter playlist to go along with Easy on her blog:  http://tammarawebber.blogspot.com/p/easy.html   Enjoy!