Splintered by A. G. Howard


I love books with quirky family dynamics, and this definitely qualifies.

Alyssa (our leading lady) hasn’t really enjoyed a traditional home life. Her mom is crazy and for as long as Alyssa can remember mommy dearest has been locked up in an asylum. Alyssa’s dad is crazy-in-love with the woman her mom used to be. All of her mom’s delusions are built around Wonderland. Alyssa loves her mom, but is terrified that she too will sucumb to the mental incapacities that plague her family. She’ll do anything to avoid being locked up, including taking a trip down the rabbit hole.

This book is pretty awesome. I came into it with high standards and I haven’t been disappointed. I really love a good trip to the other side of the looking-glass and this Alice in Wonderland has everything necessary to keep me intrigued.