Kicking it Old School
Kicking it Old School

The cover of this book – and the title – caught my eye!  Upon reading the description on the book jacket I knew it was a story I would enjoy.  First of all, this is a “stand alone” book.  So many books seem to be part of a series now that it is rare to find a story that doesn’t have a sequel. Sometimes I just want a slice of someone else’s life, not the whole pie.

Mallory discovers that her gamer boyfriend has an online “wife” with whom he has created a virtual world that she is not a part of.  Feeling betrayed by his (real or not) infidelity, she vows to go vintage and give up everything that wasn’t around in 1962 -the year her Grandmother turned 16. Life seems so uncomplicated back then.

The idea of a modern day teen trying to make it “off the grid” ie…  No cell phone, no computer, no Facebook friends, no IMing, no fast food –  having to ride a bicycle or take a bus to get somewhere, wearing saddle shoes and frilly pink prom dresses, starting a Pep Club – was really something fun to experience through Mallory’s eyes.

What she discovers about herself, her family and life in general is eye-opening.  You should read this – it’s a winner!


Born to read, forced to work.

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