I haven’t read any new teen books in at least a week. Want to know why????


Feed by Mira Grant

I’ve had my schnoz buried in this adult zombie series and I just got completely immersed in the world. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’m just going to give you enough to send you rushing to your library to find a copy of this book.

Zombies took the world by storm 20 years ago and bloggers went from being obscure and relatively unnoticed to being the most reputable reporting agents in the world. The story unfolds from the perspective of two bloggers, George and Shaun as they traipse across the apocalyptic landscape gathering stories to post online and hoping to make it big. The storyteller, Mira Grant, takes the grim and often gruesome zombie tale and spins a story that will pull at your heartstrings especially as the series progresses.

Go read it and when you are done tell me what you thought!!

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