Battle Royale: Tough Girls in the Real World

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Being a teenager is never easy, and navigating through high school can be tough. Not only must these girls face those challenges, but they must come to terms with other major things that have happened in their lives to shape them into the people they now are. Who do you think handles her situation the best? What would you do differently?

Echo’s mother tried to kill her, and Echo has the vicious scars to prove it. However, Echo can’t remember a thing about that day and coming back to school wearing long sleeves after months of being gone has done nothing to help her popularity. In Pushing the Limits, Echo must deal with her popularity-crazed friends, her jerk ex-boyfriend, a new state-appointed shrink, her babysitter turned nanny turned step-mother who is pregnant with her father’s baby, the reality that her older brother Aries is dead after joining the Marines and the delicious bad-boy she tutors after school. To top it all off, she’s struggling to remember what really happened between her and her mother.

In Goth Girl Rising, Kyra is a “post-goth” who is coming back to school after being sent to a psychiatric hospital because “Daddy couldn’t handle her.” After Kyra’s mother loses a battle to cancer, Kyra attempts to kill herself. But that was ages ago. She’s still upset about her mother, but she’s made new friends and has things to live for. However, when her father is convinced she might try to kill herself again, he sends her away. Now that she’s back, she wants to reconnect with an old friend, but he’s changed after all that time, and Kyra can barely stand to look at him.

Valerie and her boyfriend Nick were never very popular. In fact, they were picked on and laughed at enough that they created a list. A list that had the names of every person who had ever made fun of them or treated them like garbage. Valerie never put too much stock into the list until Nick shot up their school. Now Valerie is coming back to school after summer break and people think she had something to do with the shooting even though she didn’t know anything about it. School shootings can be a tough topic to write about, but Hate List tackles the issue head on.

Melinda starts high school as a pariah since she called the cops on an end-of the-summer party. Everyone hates her, even if they don’t really know her. But no one bothers to ask, “Why?” Something happened at the party that Melinda can’t bear to talk about; she can’t bear to talk about anything. She spends the majority of her freshman year in complete silence, trying to come to terms with what happened to her and why. Read Speak to see how Melinda will break her silence.

Echo's scars are forever.
Echo’s scars are forever.
Kyra's back with a vengeance.
Kyra’s back with a vengeance.
Valerie was shot trying to help. Why does everyone blame her?
Valerie was shot trying to help. Why does everyone blame her?
Melinda can't find the words and no one will listen.
Melinda can’t find the words and no one will listen.