Books By Genre/Fantasy Free For All: WINGS by Aprilynne Pike


Even though this book was published back in 2009  – and so is not “new” –  the cover was pretty and the subject appealing enough for me to give it a shot.

It begins with Laurel, a new student, who is entering public school for the first time.  Laurel grew up in a rural area near the forest and was homeschooled by her parents.  Her Father bought a bookstore in town, moved the family, and now is being forced to sell their old place to a dark stranger.

Laurel has trouble fitting in at her new school because of her eccentricities – not the least, of which is a hugh blossoming flower that begins to grow out of her back. It looks like wings! She finds a way to conceal this secret, but is terrified that others will find out.

Finally, she confides this strange phenomenon to her one true friend, a boy in her science class named David. He discovers that Laurel’s blood contains plant cells, instead of animal cells! Because Laurel was dropped upon her parents doorstep in a basket as a child, she wonders about her biological parents. Who is she? What is she?

When her Father is mysteriously hospitalized, Laurel travels back to her old forest home to search for clues.  Once there, she meets a boy in the woods named Tamani, who reveals the fact that she is a faerie and that her home there can never be sold because it contains the gate that leads to Avalon- the realm that faeries inhabit.

Laurel has to figure out a way to save her Father, hide her secret, keep her home and protect Avalon…and sort out her feelings for both David and Tamani.

Though the plot was somewhat predictable – sort of like a fable you’ve heard before – it had elements that were different enough to keep the story moving forward and some modern twists that made it ALMOST believable.  Enjoyable.