Teen Book Battles: Luxe vs. Paranormalcy

Paranormalcy by Kiersten Whiteluxe by anna godbersen


Paranormalcy by Kiersten White


Luxe by Anna Godbersen


Both of these books are the first in a series.

Both of these books have BEAUTIFUL pink dresses on the cover.

Both of these books are destined to become movies (according to the word on the street.)

Aside from that, they don’t have very much in common.

Elizabeth Holland has always known who she was, the dutiful daughter of a privileged family. She was the darling of New York’s elite and everyone who was anyone turned up for her funeral when she died. This story begins with Elizabeth’s death, and everything that unfolds around her devestating loss. Things aren’t exactly what the seem, her family has a dozen dirty little secrets and even her death is suspicious.

Evie doesn’t know who her parents are, she doesn’t even really know who or what she is. She’s lived inside a compound for most of her life working for a company that captures paranormal creatures for research and containment. This story begins with Evie as she fights to have the rights and freedoms she always wanted in her life. Things aren’t exactly what they seem, Evie’s psuedo-family is super-sketchy, and the company may not be as benevolent as she wants to believe.

Luxe is the perfect book for teens first experimenting with historic fiction. This book is the Gossip Girl of the historic fiction scene.

Paranormalcy is a quick read full of cute.

The biggest thing they have in common, is that both books are excellent reads!!