Sci-Fi Advisory: Ender's Game

Enders Game

I love this book so much I hesitate to describe it out of fear that my description will prove inadequate to its true and glorious genius. On the other hand, if I choose NOT to share this amazing book with others, they will be deprived and that is surely the greater travesty.

So, here’s the deal… Ender Wiggin is a boy genius recruited by the government as a child and sent to Battle School in space. The school covers all the traditional subjects, but there’s something far more important than the curriculum and that’s the Game. Ender and the other students wage wars against each other in zero gravity and battle using simulators. The teachers are manipulative, the students are cruel, and the stakes are high. Humanity must find a way to defeat the alien force that tried to invade Earth before it is too late and Ender is their greatest weapon.

Once you’ve read the book, you’ll definitely want to see the movie.