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The world is falling apart again here on Teen Book Battles!!! I’ve got two wonderful dystopian reads for you today.

First, we have to take a moment to admire the covers.

Wither is just so impossibly beautiful. The dress is stunning, the colors are perfectly toxic. I love the cover of this book more than I can possibly express.

Starters is very fetching too. There’s something appropriately empty about the cover, something stark and startling. 

Let me set the stage…

Starters: Biological warfare has whipped through America living devastation in its wake. The limited supply of vaccines was used on the very young and very old. This is a world without parents. Picture desperate children and depressed childless grandparents.

Wither: Biological tampering has resolved many of our biggest health woes- cancer is a thing of the past, allergies are no more, and every child is perfectly wonderfully healthy… until age 20 (girls) and 25 (guys) at which time everyone dies. In this world parents are a fortunate first generation immune to virtually everything, except the anguish of losing their children.

Now enter our protagonists…

Callie is our leading lady in Starters. She’s been trying to take care of her brother, but it hasn’t been going well. In fact, things are so bad she’s even willing to rent out her body so some old granny can  go out and have a good time in her skin. The pay is good, but she realizes too late that the sacrifice required may be too great.

Rhine is our leading lady in Wither. She’s been living with her over protective brother, but it hasn’t been going well. She needs money, and so she signs up for an experimental procedure. Things don’t go according to plan and she ends up becoming a victim of a modern slave trade ripped from her brother’s side and desperate to return.

My take…

I read Starters over the weekend, and it was good, but I have a lot of unresolved questions. Starters gets creepier and creepier as the book progresses and I felt a little lost when it ended. Worse yet, the publication of the second book Enders has been pushed back to 2014 which means I have to wait a long time to get my answers.

I read Wither, and immediately downloaded the follow up titles. I had to wait for the last in the series, but you won’t, because the entire Chemical Gardens Trilogy is available. Go forth and read!! This series is fantastic!

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