The Elite by Kiera Cass

Elite Kiera Cass

Confession: I fell in love with Prince Maxon in the book The Selection. I wanted him to be my book boyfriend so bad!!! And then The Elite came along and I now suspect my dear sweet prince is made of handsome handsome lies!!

In case you didn’t heed my words and rush to get The Selection back when I recommended it, I’ll be generous (this time) and give you a brief recap. The United States has fallen apart and been rebuilt with a monarchy and a caste system. The leading lady of our tale is named America, and against her better judgement she enters a lottery to become the Prince’s one true love and the future queen. Of course, she’s not the only girl vying for the heart of the prince, the crown and all the luxuries that come with rising to the top.

In The Elite, the prince is still searching for a bride with increasing pressure from his domineering father to choose a pliable mate. The country is in turmoil as rebels storm the castle and throw The Selection into chaos. In this book lives are on the line, the tragedies are more real, and the pretty people are showing more of their inner ugly to the readers. Fans of The Selection will definitely want to grab a copy of The Elite and settle in as we all wait for the next book of the series reportedly title The One.

The wait might not be so bad if the CW version of The Selection lives up to my expectations.

Rule Breaker: Feed by Mira Grant

I haven’t read any new teen books in at least a week. Want to know why????


Feed by Mira Grant

I’ve had my schnoz buried in this adult zombie series and I just got completely immersed in the world. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I’m just going to give you enough to send you rushing to your library to find a copy of this book.

Zombies took the world by storm 20 years ago and bloggers went from being obscure and relatively unnoticed to being the most reputable reporting agents in the world. The story unfolds from the perspective of two bloggers, George and Shaun as they traipse across the apocalyptic landscape gathering stories to post online and hoping to make it big. The storyteller, Mira Grant, takes the grim and often gruesome zombie tale and spins a story that will pull at your heartstrings especially as the series progresses.

Go read it and when you are done tell me what you thought!!


Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller
Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller

A group of misfit girls form a club and explore the secret city that lies underneath Manhatten.  Each girl has a special talent [ creating disguises, mechanical ability, chemical knowledge, computer skills, etc…   ]   Check out the author’s website at : and join this team of spys and help save the world.

Above by Leah Bobet
Above by Leah Bobet

A group of freaks and misfits live in a secret place underground that they call Safe.  When their world is  invaded by demons,  they must flee to the world up above to regroup. While “Above”, they learn that everything they were taught or  thought they knew  about themselves is wrong.

To me, Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City  seemed like a fleshed-out graphic novel, without benefit of the pictures.  Kind of a shame.  The premise of the story was interesting, but the characters seemed a little cartoonish. I could not really relate to them.

I enjoyed the writing style in Above and the cover art is fantastic! The first part of the story- which centered on the world of Safe- was interesting, but once the characters left their underground world I was not as motivated to continue turning pages and reading.

Both books have great plot ideas, but I don’t think either of them lived up to their promise. It may be that I am expecting too much because I have read so many similar novels and now judge each one a little more harshly than deserved…or it may be that too many authors are cranking out the same kind of stuff.

You can decide for yourself and let me know if you disagree.