I recently acquired a smart phone. Since The Upgrade, I’ve been using Apps like a maniac.

In no particular order, here are some exceptionally FUN social word game Apps:

Words With Friends is like Scrabble.

Phrase Friends is like Wheel of Fortune.

Ruzzle is like Boggle.

Aside from the fact that they are FREE, these games are great for staying connected with friends and family living outside your area code!!

Then there are the book related Apps:

Good Reads this is where I go when I want to read reviews on books, it also allows me to track what I’ve read by scanning the barcode on the back of the book and better still, I can see what my friends think of books. I love the website, but I kind of love the mobile version even more. “Meet your next favorite book.” Oh Good Reads, I’ve met so many wonderful worlds through you.

Teen Book Finder By YALSA This is the latest addition to my App Family. This App has books organized by genre, list, awards, and more. I’m really intrigued by the “Find It” button. Usually my first instinct is to decline when some stalker-app wants to keep tabs on my location. When I granted permission to YALSA it was a huge leap of faith, and I was tickled pink when they recommended a book and then recommended local libraries that have it available. How awesome is that? I’m not putting this App into the MUST download category, but I will admit I am pretty pleased with it at the moment!!

Overdrive My absolute FAVORITE book app, however, is the Overdrive App. Overdrive has an agreement with the Chesapeake Public Library so you can check out e-books through the app. You decide how long you want them, and it will return the books for you. Sayonara late fees!! This is one of the library’s best kept secrets!!! In addition to a wonderful array of teen literature, the library has just started adding graphic novels and manga to the digital collection.

Do you have a favorite Book/Word related App??

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