In the future….


By: Teri Terry

slated US

In the future, when you commit a crime you don’t go to jail….you get Slated. 

When you are Slated, the government erases all of your memories and personality and you start over as a blank slate.  You have to re-learn every thing, how to walk and talk….

You also get a nifty new bracelet called a Levo that monitors your emotions.  If you go to commit a violent act, it kills you. 

The story follows Kayla, who is Slated and assigned to a new family.  Her memory is supposed to be erased, but she thinks that she is remembering things….

The government says this is a second chance for criminals and terrorists, what do you think??

If you enjoy this book, look for its sequel, Fractured, coming out April 4, 2013!!