Ethan has been having strange dreams about a girl that he doesn’t know.  On the first day of his Sophomore year, the girl from his dreams, Lena, shows up in his class.  Ethan soon finds out that Lena is a Caster and can use magic.  On her sixteenth birthday, she will be claimed for either Light or Dark.  While Ethan is trying to figure out his connection with Lena and keep her from going Dark, she is trying to survive as the whole town starts to turn against her.    

The Book by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl:


I really enjoyed this book, even though it was not as fast-paced as my usual reads.  I loved the Southern hospitality and traditions that the characters lived by.  The detailed writing really brought the story to life and made me feel like I was there.  It was also refreshing to see two characters grow and form a relationship instead of instantly falling in love with each other.  I believe that this book is worth the read and there are sequels 🙂

The Movie:


The first thing that I feel the need to say is that if I heard one more “well, my mama said” in this movie, I was going to scream!  I did not think that the lines were very creative, unfortunatly.  I also felt that the movie had a very slow pace; it was about 2 hours long.  They also changed many of the main plot points that I thought really made the book great.  Overall, it was an entertaining movie, but not really comparable to the book.

Final Decision: The book wins!  The book flowed so much better and the plot just made more sense to me.  But let me know what you think! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures: The Book VS. The Movie

  1. I agree!! I loved the book so much, and my hopes were really high for the movie. The book captured the charm of growing up in the south in a small town. I just t-totally loved it.

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