An adult mystery novel with lots of plot twist and turns….

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


**Warning!! This is a Rule Breaker! 

The Adult novel starts on the day of a couples 5 year wedding anniversary.  The husband, Nick, comes home to find the front door wide open, furniture disheveled in the house, and his wife, Amy GONE.  Soon, the police investigation starts and guess who the prime suspect is….Nick.  Knowing that he did not kill his wife, Nick sets out to prove his innocence.  Along the way, he finds out new information about his wife and the secrets that she kept.

This book is set up in 3 parts with a new mega plot twist at each one.  I really liked the alternating chapters with every other one from Nick and Amy’s perspective.  Nicks chapters start when Amy goes missing and Amy’s are diary entry’s starting from when they first met.  I think that this really adds to the story and helps you to get to know the characters better.  As you learn more about Nick and Amy’s relationship and other suspects that the police are considering, you really start to wonder “Who Did It??”

Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adult mystery where it’s hard to guess what’s coming next.  Pick it up and let us know if you saw it coming!