When the Bough Breaks
When the Bough Breaks

This was well-written and a quick read.  The two main characters – Ophelia and Portia – are given alternating chapters to tell their stories to us. In that way, we are able to learn a great deal about them. Both have dark secrets that they have been unable to share.

Unlike the tragic Shakespearian figures they were named for, their fates will now be different because they can finally let go of their past.

Ophelia from Shakespeares "Hamlet"
Ophelia from Shakespeares “Hamlet”

Ophelia appears in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She is a sweet and innocent girl who is used as a pawn by her Father to manipulate her lover Hamlet.  Hamlet rejects and humiliates her and then kills her Father.  Ophelia goes mad and drowns herself.

Portia - Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice
Portia – Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice


Portia is the heroine of William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.  Her Father left a will giving potential suitors the chance to choose between three caskets composed of gold, silver and lead. If they choose the right casket – the casket containing Portia’s portrait – they win Portia’s hand in marriage.  She has no say in her fate.

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