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The Book by Stephen Chobosky:

The book is very tiny and a quick read, it only took me one afternoon. Although the story was engaging enough to keep me reading, it was never really exciting. I liked how well the author developed all of the characters and situations. There was so much detail that you could really picture the scenes. One of the things that I was not so fond of was the books ending. It was not a concrete, final ending. It let your imagination wonder on some things, which always irks me. Overall, I enjoyed the book but I would not put it on my favorite book list.

The Movie:

I was really excited to see the movie because both Emma Watson (from the Harry Potter Series) and Logan Lerman (from Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief) being cast. The movie was more fast-paced than the book and was very entertaining. Some of the things that happened in the movie could have been better explained and probably would not have been fully understood by viewers unless they had read the book. The book was pretty accurate in following the plot of the book except for one MAJOR thing. Although I usually frown upon this, it gave the movie a feel-good happy ending, which was okay with me!

The Victor??

I am shocked that I am saying this, but the movie wins! I loved the movie and I was only mildly impressed with the book.

Check them both out for yourself and let us know what you think! 🙂

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