Love is in the air!!! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In honor of that auspicious holiday, let’s have a battle royale of character couples.

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Character Summaries:

In Karou’s world, wishes come in different sizes but she knows how to make them come true. Nothing scares Karou. In Akiva’s world, his people are always at war, he was raised with one purpose: to fight the enemy. Imagine team Karou & Akiva against our other combatants, can anyone take them out? (Read more about Karou & Akiva in The Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series)

June is a genius; she’s the best of the best. She’s a soldier from a military family trained at the most elite school, and selected for the most exacting mission. Day is a clever scoundrel on the wrong side of the law. He’s a Robin Hood-esque figure standing against the might of the military. They are both forces to be reckoned with, imagine them paired up against our other combatants, can anyone take them out? (Read more about Day & June in the series Legend)

Four is brave. Four is fierce. Four is so brave and fierce, that it is his job to teach other people how to be Dauntless. Tris is brave and smart and even though she comes from a gentle, humble background she’s not afraid to take a punch or throw a few of her own. (Read more about Four & Tris in the Divergent Series)

Zara is a peace-loving girl, but over time her character develops into a fierce and powerful female leader. Astley is her would-be king, as a ruler of fairies he has both his own innate ability to defeat any challengers, but also that of his entire fairy kingdom. (Read more about Zara & Astley in the Need Series)

Bella is a clumsy girl that just happened to fall in love with a vampire. Her ability to draw protective people to her is perhaps her greatest defense. Edward, on the other hand is a strong, immortal of the blood-drinking variety, and he has a whole family that is consistently there to protect Bella from any challengers. While Bella may not be the strongest female in the crowd, that may not make a difference when facing down Edward’s family of vampires. (Read more about Bella & Edward in the Twilight Series)

Bianca’s parents are vampires, she goes to a school for vampires, and all of her life she has known that one day she will become a vampire. Lucas is a human, his parents are humans, but they installed in a school for vampires because secretly (spoiler alert) he is a vampire hunter. Lucas was trained to hunt and kill. Bianca was raised to be immortal. Together they are a formidable match. (Read more about Bianca & Lucas in the Evernight Series)

Grace has always been independent, her parents are borderline negligent, so she had to learn to fend for herself at a pretty young age. She’s Responsible with a capital R, but she’s also fascinated with the wolves that occasionally visit her backyard. Sam is a werewolf in love with a girl named Grace. They both step up to the plate to defend and protect the werewolves that have become Sam’s second family. (Read more about Sam & Grace in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series)

Katniss is a skilled hunter with a bow. She’s used her ability to provide for her impoverished family over the years. Peeta is a baker’s son; he’s strong from carrying sacks of grain, and kneading the dough. Neither particularly relishes a fight, but put in a ring with other competitors, they both have reasons to fight for their lives. They’ve already proven themselves against other tributes, but can they take on our other champions in this battle royale? (Read about Peeta & Katniss in the Hunger Games Series)

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