confessions of a murder suspect

Patterson’s newest YA book contains all kinds of drama that will make your own family seem normal.  Tandy Angel wakes in the middle of the night to the police banging on her front door in her luxury apartment in New York to find out that her parents have been murdered in their own beds.  The house was not broken into, so Tandy takes a hard look at her brothers, 23 year old pro-football player Mattie, her own twin, Harry and ten year old Hugo, to figure out if one of them is the responsible party.  Tandy’s investigation shows  that each child would have motive to kill their own parents.  But, there are also plenty of others who have reasons to want the Angels dead.  This book is fast-paced and takes plenty of turns to keep you guessing who actually committed the murders.  It left me hoping that I will get to hear from Tandy again and that Patterson will turn this book into a series.

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