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Character Summaries:

Maximum Ride has a genetic enhancement: wings! She’s also very clever and determined. (Read about Max in the Maximum Ride Series)

Katniss Everdeen is a hunter, her skill with a bow and arrow has kept her family alive, but is it enough to help her old her own against our other leading ladies? (Read about Katniss in the Hunger Games Series)

Isabella Swan is in love with a vampire, one of her best friends is a werewolf, and while she starts the series incapable of defending herself from even every day accidents, she develops some risk-taking traits to go with her super strength.   (Read about Bella in the Twilight Series)

Deuce is a huntress; she’s worked her whole life to become strong enough to defend her community from the monsters that stalk the underground. She’s fierce, loyal and smart. (Read about Deuce in the Razorland Series)

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