Welcome to a society where a procedure will solve all of your problems….

book-delirium Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Uglies by Scott Westerfeld


Delirium: Lena has been eagerly awaiting her cure for the deliria. Everyone knows how dangerous love can be, so scientists have found a cure and the government requires that all citizens receive it when they turn 18. Lena only has 95 days until her treatment, but then she does the unthinkable…..falls in love.

Uglies: Tally cannot wait till she turns 16 and receives her operation that will make her pretty. Tally’s friend Shay doesn’t want any part of the operation, she would rather be free than a “mindless pretty”. When Shay runs away, the doctors offer Tally the worst choice she can imagine: find her friend and turn her in, or never turn pretty at all.

Lena: Lena thought she knew what she wanted in life, the safe and predictable life that she was guaranteed to have after the cure. She is a loyal friend who gets mixed up in another side of her world that she never knew existed. She uses the evidence around her to make her own decisions and find the truth instead of just relying on the word of the government.

Tally: Tally just wanted to have her operation, turn pretty and live a happy life. She finds out that her world and the operation are not what they seem to be. Although she is not seeking the truth, Tally is bombarded with it after facing a tough decision.

Overall, I enjoyed Delirium more than Uglies. Although this was a tough choice, I was more interested in finding out how Lena’s adventure continues more than Tally’s.  I believe that Lena is a stronger character and I was rooting for her throughout the entire book!

Bottom Line: It was such a hard choice, I would have to recommend just reading them both 🙂

Both books also have sequels, so there is more reading to be done!