Win, Lose or Draw… Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl

Maddy is known as “freak girl” in her new school after showing up on the first day wearing her Grandma’s frilly unicorn sweater. Not only are most of the kids at her new school “Aberzombies,” but Maddy’s parents just split up. Maddy, her mother and her younger sister move out of the city and in with Maddy’s grandmother, who collects unicorns, thousands of unicorns. To escape her real-life woes, Maddy creates a gorgeous, powerful alter-ego in the online game, Fields of Fantasy. Allora, Maddy’s character embarks on epic quests across vast lands, the promise of much treasure and prestige at her fingertips. As a lowly n00b, Maddy meets Sir Leo, a gallant gentleman who shows her the ropes of the game. A budding romance quickly springs up between the two gamers, but it soon becomes clear that Maddy’s online hero may live closer to her than she ever imagined. As her online life and her real life begin to meet, Maddy must make some tough decisions that will affect her in both worlds.

Anyone who has ever played an MMO (Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Game) will understand Maddy’s infatuation with Fields of Fantasy. While the gaming parts of this book are cool and unique, the plot is very cliché and doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. This book is pretty much a DRAW. Check out Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi today and decide for yourself if it’s a win, lose or draw!