Across The Universe by Beth Revis

Win, Lose or Draw?

Win, Lose or Draw?

This story starts with Amy and her parents, who are being “frozen” , prior to boarding a huge spaceship which is scheduled to make a 300 year journey to another planet.  Something mysteriously goes wrong, and Amy is awakened from her sleep with 50 years still remaining before reaching their destination! Her parents must remain asleep and Amy can’t be refrozen.

She must learn how to live with the human crew who are operating the ship – people who have lived in space for generations and have no memory of planet Earth. Why was Amy unfrozen?  What must she do to survive?

This book was a big WIN!  Even better is the fact that it is only Book One of a Trilogy.

Available Now

Book Two is out now and I’m rushing to get it!

Book Three will be published January 15, 2013.


I can’t wait!

See the trailer for the book ACROSS THE UNIVERSE here: