Bring Your Nature Photos to the Library!

On Monday, January 28 at 6:00 p.m. we will have our next “Photo Night” at the Chesapeake Central Library. Everyone is invited to bring some of their favorite digital nature or wildlife photos to show and share with others. Photos must be saved to a CD or a USB device; we then project them from a laptop onto the library’s large movie screen. It’s very cool to see your photos filling a 12-foot screen! (Photo above “Sunrise Over the Albemarle Canal” by Bill Niven)
This will be our fifth Photo Night. We meet quarterly and usually show photos that we have taken during the previous three months, but you can bring any photos that you like. All levels of expertise, beginners and experienced photographers alike, are welcome to join us. Since we never know how many people will show up, or how much time we will need, we ask that everyone bring a collection of 20 or fewer photos, but, optionally, to also bring a second folder with more photos in the event that we have time to show them. (Photo above “Bullfrog” by Tim Fearington)

We will have some special guests at this meeting! Jennifer Williamson and Ralph Kuhnley are members of the Hampton Roads photography club “Picture This” (, and they will join us to talk about the club and its various activities and field trips; we might also discuss the possibility of some joint ventures with them. Jennifer and Ralph will also bring some of their photography work to share with us. (Photo above “Brown Pelican” by Chris Williams)

All the photos in this blog entry were taken by “Photo Night” regulars and shown at our meetings (Photo above “Black Swallowtail Caterpillar” by Nora Leonard). We have a good time, sharing our mutual interests and learning more about our local nature and wildlife. Please join us, whether you have photos to share or just want to watch what others are showing. Chesapeake Central Library is located at 298 Cedar Road, in the City Municipal Complex. Please call Karen at 410-7147 if you have any questions or would like more information.

 Blue Dasher by Bill Niven

 Red-Headed Woodpecker feeding its young by Tim Fearington

Red-bellied Woodpecker by Chris Williams
 Flower by Nora Leonard

 Tiger Swallowtail by Karen Kearney
 Bald Eagle by Tim Fearington

 Brown-headed Nuthatches at the Nest Hole by Chris Williams

Giraffe by Nora Leonard

52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody


What do you do if you are a spoiled heiress used to getting whatever you want, whenever you want and it suddenly ends?

After Lexington Larrabee, heiress to the Larrabee multibillion dollar media empire crashes her new Mercedes into a convenience store her father decides to intervene. So, for her eighteenth birthday instead of inheriting her share of the family fortune she inherits …52 jobs.  A job a week for a year.  So, instead of jetting around the world she spends her time working as a maid, for a florist, for an animal shelter, at a fast food restaurant and any other job her father can think up.

Not your typical poor, little rich girl story. This book is a definite win.