The Spy, Sleuth & Snoop Scoop: Acceleration

by Graham McNamee
by Graham McNamee

Title: Acceleration

Author: Graham McNamee

Duncan is a 17-year-old with a mind numbingly boring summer job, in the Lost and Found office for the Toronto Transit System.  Duncan has some problems:

  1. He misses his ex-girlfriend.  (She broke up with him).
  2. He has guilt issues. (He was not able to save a drowning victim last summer).
  3. Duncan has found the diary/scrapbook of an emerging serial killer

He is in for a rough summer.

Duncan recruits his friends to help find and stop the serial killer from finding a victim, but they cannot help him with everything.  The hunt for the evolving serial killer is presented early in the story and creates a suspenseful plot that continues until the action-packed conclusion.