Greetings and Salutations

Welcome to the Teen Book Battles Blog, brought to you by a team of rabid readers from the Chesapeake Public Library System in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Our mission is to promote awesome teen reads to the world!

Here’s our plan of attack:

Every Monday… Six Word Summary Showdowns

We’ll summarize a story in six words, but the real challenge is whether or not you can do the same!

Every Wednesday… Teen Book Battles

We’ll review two books side by side and give you the lowdown on which we think is the superior read.

Every Friday… Battle Royale Polls, Clash of the Cover, or Words of Warriors

We’re going to throw polls at you every Friday to get your spin on the world.

We also plan to spice things up by breaking out some different categories from time to time, such as:

Rule Breakers

Win, Lose or Draw

The Clash of the Covers

Fan Art Fracas

Words of Warriors

Read & Reel Rumble

True Story Skirmish

Books by Genre

Today is only the beginning, tomorrow the real battles begin here on Teen Book Battles.

Join the fray!