My house is a mess. Every single room is filled with clutter. Every closet and drawer is full.  This didn’t happen overnight, of course. The detritus of the past 20 years has been steadily accumulating and has now reached the point where I feel it would be easier to just sell the house and start over than to clean!
I’m pretty sure though, that in order to sell my house, I’d have to clean it anyway – so that’s really not a solution.

To make myself feel better, I went online and searched images for other examples of sloppy housekeeping.  I thought my place would look good by comparison, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong! I’m going to post a few pictures here and there, but I’m not going to tell which ones (if any) are actually from my house!I’m going to let you guess. I guarantee that no matter what your house looks like though, mine is worse.
Ha, Ha…oh, I feel so good about myself now!
I’d like to be able to blame the entire problem on my husband -and believe me, he is a major contributor. But sadly part of it is me too. He has collections. Stuff is just there. While I, on the other hand,  like to think that I am going to “do something with” my stuff.  Sometimes I do and it turns out good.  Sometimes I don’t.  Mostly, I start a project, but don’t finish.
Repair – YES
Reuse – YES
  Recycle – YES
     Reduce – HUH?
I could blame it all on Pinterest. ( )  This is the most addictive website ever! With all its nifty diy craft projects, you almost feel guilty if you don’t do something creative with every single used household item. It’s impossible, isn’t it?  I’m so thankful that Pinterest hasn’t been around long enough to cause much damage.
Well, except damage like – A BUSTED SPLEEN – because you can’t keep up with all the ideas that people are posting to the site.!”Suzy Homemakers” every one of them. Even Dudepins – a site for guys, can make you feel inadequate.
I’m going to have to tackle this problem room by room – and the room I’d like to start with is the garage.  A lot of people have problems with keeping their garage clean.It easily becomes a permanent home for household items that are seldom used or stuff that is “too good to throw away”.Really?If you are not using it, just how good is it?It’s just taking up space.
I need the garage to be cleared in order to have a place to put the stuff I’m removing from the other rooms. (I’ll be emptying it just so I can fill it up again.) Depressing!
Though clutter is caused equally by both men and women, female clutter is generally prettier than male clutter,don’t you think?  Which would you rather look at- a fabric stash or drill bits?

And at the very end, it’s still not “clean” – she’s just stacked the clutter!


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