Garden Instructions
Plant seeds early in the spring
When the ground is warm.
Two inches deep in well-tilled soil
Where they’ll be safe from harm.

Let the sun and rain pour down.
Be careful where you hoe.
A miracle is taking place:
Seeds split and start to grow.
Snap Beans
Snap your fingers, jazzy beans,
Tap your toes,
Click your heels, strut your stuff in tight green jeans.
Go ahead and belt a tune.
Make it loud.
Wow the crowd.
Your time is short. It’s way past June.


I have all of these zucchini!
What am I supposed to do?
I could fry them, make bread
or cook them in a stew.

I have all of these zucchini!
Can you help me with them, please?
Make some cookies or a cake
broil them with some cheese.

I have all of these zucchini!
Would you give some to your friends?
Just make sure you wash them first
then peel and cut both ends.

I have all these zucchini!
Minestrone sure sounds nice.
Throw in some beans and garlic
And a little bit of rice.  

May you all enjoy zucchini!

It’s an easy plant to grow.
Just make sure you count how many
Seeds you’ve planted in a row.

Tomato blossom, fruit so red,
All the world’s a garden bed!
Dainty Doily Dill Weed
dances in the breeze,
waving tiny blossoms,
calling to the peas!
What does a carrot know,
Smothered in dirt below?
 Songs of worms,
Tap-tapping rains,
The smell of earth,
And growing pains.
What else does a carrot know,
Alone in the dark, below?
 Sound of boots,
Thud of hoe,
A gentle tug-
It’s time to go.


Born to read, forced to work.

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