When I started this “green” blog it was supposed to be about how we can all pitch in to make small changes in our lives that (over time) will help to make it a better world for everyone. It has always been my assumption that though one person just can’t do it all, that everyone working together can.

It’s true that not everyone is able to carry the load equally or in the same way, but each of us can surely contribute something for the good of the whole. Each person has ideas and talents to offer. And now is the time to do so. We need to step up.

We are living in a time when the negligence with which the human race has always treated the Earth has been revealed. We are beginning to see the consequences this indifference has caused. Global warming is real. Pollution is real. The Energy Crisis is real.

Who caused all this? We did. That’s real too.


What’s the solution to these problems? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. That is to say, there isn’t just one solution – just as there isn’t just one cause for the problems we need to solve.

While there is no written manual for us to follow (because if there was we wouldn’t be in this fix to begin with), we can take the steps needed to solve these issues just as we do when trying to correct any other problem we encounter.

I believe that if we start with the goal and work backwards toward what we already know, and then break each part that isn’t working into a smaller piece, we can figure it out.

The Energy Crisis
Use alternative energy sources. Sunlight, wind and water are never going to run out and they are safe.

OIL                         COAL                        NUCLEAR

S ociety of              S ociety for              K ey

Petroleum             M ore                       A tomic

I ndustry               O xygen                    B benefits

L iquid                   K illing                      O f

L eaks                    E nergy                     O bliterating

                                                                   M ankind

Enforce the existing pollution laws and make them even tougher.

Global Warming
Drive Less  (Walk, bike, carpool, use mass transit.)
Plant a tree  (A single tree will absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.)

Blame It On Cows

It took some time for us to mess things up to this point. It didn’t happen overnight! And neither will the recovery. We all know what to do. How we do it doesn’t really matter. It just needs to happen.


Born to read, forced to work.

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