Thursday Thirteen – Facts from CultureGrams

Thirteen Things I Learned Using CultureGrams Database
For the next few months or so, the Thursday Thirteens on here will be focusing on the library’s databases, to help our library patrons become more familiar with them. Patrons can access the databases on our internet computers as well as from home using their library card and pin number. For those of our blog readers not in the Chesapeake area (anyone in Virginia can get a library card from Chesapeake at no charge), check with your local library- most libraries have some electronic databases to which they subscribe.
1) Norwegians eat pork ribs for Christmas called Juleribbe. (Recipes)
2) Henrik Ibsen, Edvard Grieg, and Edvard Munch are all Norwegians (Famous People)
3) The flag of Norway looks like this:

4)Norway is a constitutional monarchy, which changed the constitution allowing daughters to inherit the throne. (Society/Government).
5)The paperclip and the cheese slicer were both invented by Norwegians (Kids Edition).
6) Norway is just larger than New Mexico (Kids Edition/Land & Climate).
7)Norway lost almost half its population to the Black Plague (Kids Edition/History).
8) The island of Newfoundland has its own timezone, one half hour ahead of the East Coast of North America. (Provinces Edition- Newfoundland)
9)The Laborador retreiver and the Newfoundland are two species of dog that both originated in Newfoundland. (Provinces Edition- Newfoundland)
10) The entire territory of Nunavut lies within the Arctic Circle. (Provinces Edition/Nunavut)/
11) The flag of the territory of Nunavut looks like this:

(Provinces Nunavut)
12) Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech was delivered in Richmond. (States Edition/Virginia)
13) Arthur Ashe, Willa Cather, Katie Couric, Missy Elliott, and Edgar Allan Poe are all from Virginia. (States Edition/ Virginia).

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