Thirteen Authors I Met (Or Met Again)
at the Romantic Times Booklover Convention in Orlando last week
I intended to post blog entries while in Orlando,the hotel’s high speed internet was… wishful thinking. I think the problem was too many people trying to use it at one time (at any time- day or night) and there was just too much to do and too many people to see that blogging did not happen. But I did get to talk with authors. Lots of authors.1) Mario Acevedo- I saw him on a panel for humor in paranormals. His books include: Nymphos of Rocky Flats and Jailbait Zombie (and no I haven’t read them. Yet. They are on the mountain known as to be read- the very big mountain).

2)Vivi Anna- writes vampires for Silhouette Nocturne Series- titles include: Vampire’s Quest and Veiled Truth. I have read some, not all, the others are on Mt. TBR (think Everest).

3) Michele Bardsley- writes a series set in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, where all of the single parents are turned into vampires, and their world is turned upside down. Books include: I’m the Vampire, That’s Why and Over My Dead Body.

4) Jennifer Lynn Barnes- whose books include Tattoo, Fate, and The Squad Series.

5) Anya Bast- writes a series about elemental witches. Titles include: Witch Heart, Witch Fire, and Witch Blood.

6) Jenna Black- Books are The Devil Inside, The Devil You Know, and The Devil’s Due– about a possessed exorcist.

7)Dakota Cassidy- has written three books about a trio of friends and their accidental exposure to the paranormal. Titles include: The Accidental Werewolf, Accidentally Dead, and The Accidental Human. She has a new book coming out in June- Kiss and Hell.

8)Angie Fox- has two books out- The Accidental Demon Slayer and The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers (both are on Mt. TBR)

9)Stacia Kane- author of Personal Demons and Demon Inside due out in July.

10) Judi McCoy- author of a new dog-walker mystery series- the first title is Hounding the Pavement.

11) Michelle Rowen- writes vampire books with titles such as Bitten and Smitten, Stakes and Stilletos, and Lady & the Vamp.

12) Jeri Smith-Ready-writes a cool book about a radio station where the djs are all vampires called Wicked Game. Book 2, Bad to the Bone, comes out in May.

13) Jeanne C. Stein- her series protagonist, Anna Strong, is a bounty hunter working with her partner when the bounty they’re chasing attacks her and turns her into a vampire. I’ve only read the first two so far, but am looking forward to reading more.

Bonus Photo- L.A. Banks- who couldn’t stay for the bookfair (darn it all), but was on the vampire panel I went to. I’ve only read the first book in her series, but am interested to see where she goes from there.

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